english dubbed version of mako’s introduction!

he is very fond of humans



what’s your name - lynyrd skynyrd // gotta know your name - rebel souljahz // who are you - fifth harmony // what’s my name - rihanna // write your name - selena gomez // who is this - little durk // speak your name - jami smith // tell me who you are - malene mortensen



my last words will probably be sarcastic


no mom i already have a job its called being hardcore


I just have to say what’s so great about this sequence. For years the reason I heard people saying Storm couldn’t be given her own book was because her powers couldn’t exactly be used in a fight. I heard people saying her powers work well more for support, or just to hit really big targets, and this sequence is so great because it just disproves all of that in one page. Not only does it show off that Storm is indeed a skilled martial artist, skilled enough to take out Calypso and Cyclops with just good old fashion hand to hand combat, but she then uses her powers to flip a freaking tank and take out an army. This sequence disproves every complaint that I heard about a possible Storm series over the years and I can’t wait to read it.